824.00/6–1446: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

u.s. urgent

526. La Razón and Ultima Hora confiscated by Govt on grounds they incited to revolution. Both confiscations included the respective buildings. Widespread arrests going on with increasing number asylum seekers, including Ernesto Aranibar, head of Grace,8 Felix Ballivian, Panagra8a traffic manager, David Alvesteguí, Director of La Razón. Panagra head Guillermo Elio expects to be arrested momentarily; states his father Tomas, ex-FonMin, already arrested.

Panagra unable operate as its communication system is blocked out by Govt. Panagra planes will not fly over Bolivia until adequate guarantees as to non-seizure are given. Embassy this morning making strongest possible representations to enable Panagra to maintain its schedules. Company understandably apprehensive as contracted bus seized and three chauffeurs arrested.

Cumbre appeared last night, El Diario and La Calle this morning.

Just received word Louis Zavala, UP representative arrested. Plan to mention informally to FonMin my disappointment at his arrest and attempt to arrest Grace Company manager.

Police reported seeking Carlos Victor Aramayo9 to arrest him.

Plot now appears sponsored largely by Frente Democrática Anti-Facista, poorly organized and united only in hate of present regime.

  1. W. R. Grace and Company.
  2. Pan American Grace Airways.
  3. Bolivian tin magnate.