710 Consultation 4/4–1046

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ) to the Secretary of State

No. 8615

Sir: With reference to the Department’s circular telegram of March 9, 8 a.m., directing me to leave with the Minister of Foreign Affairs an aide-mémoire closely paraphrasing its contents, I have the honor to enclose a translation of a memorandum (No. 1129 of April 6, 1946) which has been received by the Embassy from the [Page 20] Foreign Office, replying to the Embassy’s aide-mémoire, which was delivered by me to the Foreign Minister on March 12.44

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It will further be noted that the enclosed Venezuelan memorandum sets forth succinctly the position of the Venezuelan Government in regard to the Argentine situation in the sense that (1) it supports the publication of the Blue Book, (2) will recognize the Perón regime, (3) believes that no action should be taken at this time on the evidence of Argentine complicity with the enemy adduced in the Blue Book, (4) feels that any judgment on the new Argentine regime should be suspended pending observation of its conduct in office, (5) favors signature of the proposed Inter-American Mutual Assistance Pact by all of the American Republics, including Argentina, and (6) hopes that the Rio de Janeiro Conference may be held within a reasonable period after the inauguration of the new Argentine Government.

Although the Embassy’s aide-mémoire of March 12, 1946, in accordance with the Department’s instructions, contained a sentence reading: “It is hoped that the reply of the Venezuelan Government will be one which it will itself publish or authorize the Government of the United States to publish as part of the general consultation”, there is no reference to this matter in the enclosed Venezuelan reply. It is understood, however, that the Foreign Minister made an informal statement on April 8, 1946 to the representatives of the American press associations in Caracas outlining the Venezuelan position in terms similar to those contained in the Foreign Office’s memorandum of April 6.

Respectfully yours,

Frank P. Corrigan
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