835.00/2–946: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in All the American Republics Except Argentina and Haiti51

us urgent

We now have ready comprehensive statement demonstrating Argentine Nazi complicity and conspiracy. Document (131 printed pages)52 setting forth our views and summarizing evidence on which [Page 205] based will be delivered to Latin American chiefs of mission (except Argentina and Haiti) at meeting in Blair House Monday afternoon, February 11.

Because of possibility that document so widely distributed might shortly leak, probably in inaccurate or distorted form, Dept is at same time giving copies in confidence to press with release date 5 p.m., February 12.

Copies will be despatched by courier from Washington on February 11 and upon receipt you should immediately deliver them to Minister for Foreign Affairs of govt to which you are accredited (retaining one copy for Chancery).

We are cabling you herewith texts of table of contents and introductory statement from above document and copies should be delivered to FonMin on afternoon of February 11.

Full statement speaks for itself. Background already well known. Sifting of evidence has been tremendous task, including examination of approximately 400 tons of documents in Europe and substantial additional tonnage this country. Since inauguration of consultation last October this work has gone forward with all possible speed and document has been prepared for distribution at earliest possible moment. (Please emphasize this, should question be raised concerning proximity of delivery date to Argentine election date; that proximity is purely fortuitous, only consideration throughout examination and compilation of data has been urgency consistent with accuracy). Further info confirming in every particular conclusions set forth in document being received in Washington almost daily, providing us with additional details and information.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Sent to Argentina and Haiti for information only.
  2. Department of State, Consultation Among the American Republics With Respect to the Argentine Situation (Washington, 1946), known as the “Blue Book”.