835.00/2–846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Argentina ( Cabot )


222. For Cabot only. Basic case re Argentina will be presented late Mon afternoon. It consists of 8 page summary followed by about 140 pages documentation.

Couriers leave Wash Mon45 noon to deliver copies to our diplomatic missions in other American republics for transmission to FonOffs. Late Mon afternoon chiefs of mission of other American republics in Wash will meet with UndSecy and AsstSecy Braden and will be given copies of document. (For security reasons they will not be invited until Mon morning.) At approximately same time copies will be given to press with 48 hour release date.

Cable immediately any comment you may have on this procedure, and your views re any precautionary measures that should be taken for protection Emb and American citizens in case publicity results in violent reaction Buenos Aires. Do not mention this telegram to anyone.

  1. February 11.