835.00/1–2646: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to All Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Those in Mexico and Argentina 24


Messersmith25 reports that Mexican Govt has been approached by Argentine Govt as follows:

Does the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations have information about a mediatory movement among the Latin American countries in an endeavor to solve in a friendly way the Argentine situation.
If such movement exists does the Mexican Government see it with sympathy and is it disposed to take part in such movement.
The Argentine Govt has been informed that the Ecuadoran FonMin is offering to start siHi a movement.
Argentina will appreciate the mediation of Brazil and Mexico.

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In reply to inquiry of FonMin regarding probable attitude of Dept, Ambas Messersmith stated that in his view this was a move on part of Argentina to make it appear that the question was one of mediating a difference between Govt of US and Argentina. The Ambas stated emphatically that this was matter in which all the American republics were interested and was therefore not a question of mediation between any two American Govts.

Dept unqualifiedly approves position taken by Ambas Messersmith and has instructed him so to inform Mexican FonOff. Farrell26 Govt’s obligations under the Final Act of the Mexico City Conference are owed to all of the Republics which invited its adherence and accepted its word pledging compliance.

In July 1944 Farrell Govt made similar move for mediation through Dominican Republic and other Govts. At that time Dept took position which it now reiterates that Argentina’s failure to comply with commitments made to and with all other American republics did not present any occasion for mediation between Argentina and Govt of US. Argentina’s failure to meet obligations of hemisphere solidarity was declared concern of all republics. We pointed out that Argentine representatives had been approaching one republic after another suggesting that each serve as mediator between Argentina and US. This Argentine ruse was designed to promote impression that, since issue was one between Argentina and US, it of course did not involve prospective mediator. It was thus calculated to curry favor with each of the Govts approached by appealing to its superior sense of objectivity.

If you are approached on this matter by Govt to which you are accredited, you should state our position along foregoing lines in strong terms.

  1. Repeated to diplomatic representatives in Mexico and Argentina for information only.
  2. George S. Messersmith, Ambassador in Mexico.
  3. Gen. Edelmiro Farrell, Head of the Argentine Government.