862.20235/1–2346: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State


232. I would greatly appreciate any information Dept can give me re its future plans for exposure of Nazi penetration in Argentina and Nazi links of Perón and clique. As I have previously pointed out Argentine people are becoming increasingly sensitive about direct attacks on Argentine Govt under present circumstances. Nevertheless, I must again emphatically register my belief that it is not fair to keep from Argentine people pertinent evidence in our possession re Nazi penetration. Delay in making facts known is bound to discourage democratic forces and lessen their chances of getting rid of totalitarianism in this country. I am particularly disturbed at possible repercussions of Acheson’s statement yesterday21 since many authoritative indications both from Washington and this Embassy ever since Dept [apparent omission] have shown Argentine people that we have such evidence and have indicated that we intended eventually to publish it.

  1. The following notation by Carl B. Spaeth, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs, appears on the file copy of this telegram:

    “At Press Conference on Jan. 22, Mr. Acheson said, in answer to a question whether the Department was going to release more of the documents on various Nazi activities in Argentina: ‘No, I don’t think we have any immediate plan to do that.’”