835.00/1–1946: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State

201. Following are brief statements of points covered by Foreign Minister in radio address last night:

Argentina’s pacific and democratic traditions well known and established throughout her history. Referring to good neighbor policy, Foreign Minister stressed traditional friendship with US and understanding of that country’s dominant position but pointed out possession of such great power engenders natural suspicion and jealousy among smaller nations. Principle of good neighborhood that of nonintervention.

June 4, revolution entirely Argentine affair.

Argentine Armed Forces based on conscription drawn from all sectors population and consequently democratic force.

Original revolutionary Govt composed largely of Army and Navy officers has been gradually replaced by civilian administration until today there are only a few military officers in Govt.

Cannot be said consequently that there is “military cell” or “Govt behind the Govt”. Charges of Nazi-Fascism absurd as are claims that Army is imbued with spirit of aggression. Argentina has no territorial aspirations and no frontier disputes.

With reference to rights of man which Argentina has been accused by Uruguayan Foreign Minister of violating, Cooke made four points on basis of examination United Nations Charter:

(1) Rights of man not clearly defined; (2) Charter expresses only purpose of cooperation for respect and fostering of those rights; (3) No method of juridical defense established; (4) No procedure for application of sanctions suggested.

How, asked Cooke, is multilateral intervention suggested by Uruguay19 to be carried out? If on basis unanimity then intervention [Page 189] obviously impossible since unanimity would never be achieved. If by majority decision then it means end of good neighbor policy.

Any claims that Argentina does not enjoy fruits of democracy ridiculous when it is recalled elections have been convoked for February 24, that there is full freedom of press and speech and that country enjoys greater liberty now than at any time during past 15 years. Admittedly there have been moments when revolutionary govt has prevailed by force; no revolution is conducted only to be ended following day with return of deposed forces. True that state of siege still in force but this is constitutional measure, is not martial law and does not mean police officials can commit abuses at will.

Referring to Axis spies and those persons guilty of activities against United Nations all will be deported.

Argentina disposed as always to collaborate with rest of world, stands as always with other peoples of America and at service of United Nations.

Text20 will be forwarded by airmail.

  1. For documentation on this proposal, see Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. ix, pp. 185 ff.
  2. Not printed.