800.00 Summaries/1–1846: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Representatives in Europe15


Legation Stockholm has been informed that US policy re shipment of arms to Argentina is as follows: No arms, ammunition, implements of war, and no capital equipment, including machine tools, consigned to Argentine Govt and useful in manufacture of military equipment [Page 187] will be licensed for export to Argentina pending further clarification of Argentine political situation. In view of present character of Argentine regime and its ambitious programs of armament production and importation Dept feels that any increase in export of armaments to Argentina threatens peace of hemisphere. Since Argentines are reportedly placing orders in Sweden and UK for machine tools, Dept feels that UK and Swedish cooperation in this policy is essential. Brit have indicated they will cooperate on arms, ammunition and implements of war but have not definitely stated their position on export of capital equipment which may be used in manufacture of armaments.16

  1. Sent to the diplomatic representatives at Berlin, Caserta, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, and Paris.
  2. In telegram 247, February 1, 1946, 7 p.m., the Ambassador in Sweden (Johnson) indicated that no deliveries would be made under certain armament contracts to Argentina by Bofors Limited until the political situation in that country was acceptable (835.24/2–146).