835.00/1–746: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State


66. ReDeptel 22, January 5, 8 p.m.3 I heartily approve Dept’s suggestion that German Embassy telegrams regarding Nazi-subsidized publications in Argentina be transmitted to Foreign Office. [Page 184] This should make Argentine authorities more circumspect regarding newsprint, and diminish attacks in Peronista press (most of which is clearly under Govt influence) on US and its officials.

My strong personal inclination is to recommend that further step suggested by Dept, to wit: Release of material to newspapers by Embassy (or alternatively by Dept) immediately after delivery to Foreign Office, be also carried out, but I find some of staff have meritorious arguments against this.…

My own view is that official release of documents should not and would not be construed as formal attack on Argentine Govt …

In view of relative press freedom now existing, courage shown by various newspapers, and tremendous local news value, I think news coverage is likely to be good.

In short, while recognizing unpredictable consequences which may follow publication of documents at this time, I am definitely in favor of it. At least we shall gain some useful experience to guide us in release of main blasts.

  1. Not printed.