561.333D3/9–546: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley )


1190. After agreeing to cooperate fully in world coffee study now being undertaken by Inter-Amer Coffee Board (1) through furnishing of basic coffee data requested by Board directly from DNC and (2) providing services of Braz expert in actual preparation of study here, Brazil has failed to carry out this cooperation in either respect. Without Braz assistance, particularly in furnishing of basic data, coffee study either cannot be completed at all or if completed will [Page 166] lack authority which it is intended to have. Main reason US favors extension Inter-Amer Coffee Agreement for 1 year is completion this study.

Please impress this situation on appropriate authorities and ascertain (1) whether Brazil intends to sign protocol for 1 year extension Agreement from Oct 1 and (2) whether Brazil intends provide necessary cooperation in coffee study.9

  1. The inquiry by the Acting Secretary was repeated in telegram 1226, September 17, 1946, 4 p.m. (561.333D3/9–546). The agreement was signed by Brazil, along with other countries, and dated as of October 1, 1946. For text, see Department of State Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1605.