710. Consultation 4/4–346: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Hines) to the Secretary of State


234. ReDeptel April 1, midnight and Depcirtel April 1, 11 p.m. requesting views of Pan Govt re proposed public statement concerning Arg situation which Dept proposes to release on or about April 8. In an interview with FonMin29 at noon today he authorized me to advise my Govt that Pan Govt concurs generally with Dept’s views with exceptions as follow:

Pan advocates appointing immediately committee consisting of representatives of countries which have prepared draft treaties and not to await next meeting of Governing Board of Pan American Union which might delay Rio Conf which Pan believes should be held at as early date as possible with Arg in attendance and that mutual assistance agreement should be negotiated because this projected multilateral treaty would lose in great measure its interest and its value if rep of Arg does not take part in it.

A copy our memo and FonOff’s reply will be forwarded probably tomorrow.30 FonMin read me draft of his reply.

  1. Ricardo J. Alfaro.
  2. Neither printed.