The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan)


320. Urtel 382 July 30. July–Aug flour quota 152,000 cwt fully licensed. Venez importers and American exporters responsible for purchase and shipment. Exports against July–Aug quota may continue leave US through Sept as licenses valid 60 days after issuance. [Page 1362] Improbable large proportion of July–Aug quota will arrive before mid Aug.87

Price ceiling on flour without price ceiling on wheat has created anomalous situation where mills reluctant sell flour. For your confidential info this expected be cleared up shortly.

  1. In airgram 254, August 22, 1946, to Caracas, the Department indicated that the Department of Agriculture had authorized export of 178,000 cwts of flour to Venezuela for September and October (102.78/8–2246).