The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan)

156. Desire info re Decree No. 176, Feb 6, 1946, nationalizing German and Jap property in Venez, creating National War Reparations Court to pass on claims for exemption fr operation of decree, and providing 90 days period for filing claims by persons outside Venez on Court approval. (1) Has Court announced assumption of functions as provided Chapter 6 Article 39 of Decree, (2) if so, when? If not, what is present info as to court and when is it expected to start functioning.49

  1. In telegram 209, April 1, 1946, 5 p.m., Ambassador Corrigan advised that the Court had not been created, and that the administration of nationalized properties was at a standstill (462.00R/4–146).