The Secretary of State to the Charge in Venezuela (Dawson)


71. In conversation Jan 8, Assistant Secretary Braden agreed with General Arnold to approve interim allocation of aircraft to Venezuela as follows: 4 B–25’s, 15 P–47’s, 1 C–45, 10 C–47’s, 5 AT–11’s.24 Ambassador Corrigan and Dept have agreed after discussions here that this allocation should be reduced to following: no B–25’s or P–47’s; 3 C–47’s, 5 AT–11’s. Allocation of latter two is subject to approval of Embassy. If Embassy approves please telegraph Dept which will then discuss proposed allocation with Venezuelan Embassy here. For your information prices will be same to all countries.

It was further understood by Mr. Braden and General Arnold that any “implied commitment” on the delivery of planes to other American republics resulting from staff conversations will be discharged when planes in allocation are made available. No further allocation of military planes to other American republics will be made until State and War Depts review and agree on basic policies of program of military collaboration.

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No mention of B–25’s or P–47’s should be made to Venezuelan Govt at this time by anyone. Foregoing may be discussed with Military Attaché and chief of Air Mission.

  1. The C–45, the C–47, and the AT–11 were transport planes.