The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan)

us urgent

287. Urtel 355, July 13.4 Without complete info re conditions and especially character message Dawson has been asked convey López Contreras it is of course impossible for Dept to reach any definitive conclusion. Dept relies fully upon your judgment and discretion in handling situation and is most anxious to lend all proper aid to preserve peace. Nevertheless Dept considers Dawson’s mission a most delicate matter which, if misunderstood, might lay this Govt open to charge intervention. For this reason Dept believes it would be highly desirable obtain association at least one and preferably two other Am republics. To that end Amb Wiley5 should immediately discuss with Col FonMin.6 In this connection you may desire enlist cooperation your Col colleague if you have not already done so.

Unless Col Govt is willing to have a representative join Dawson in informal discussion with López Contreras Dept doubts wisdom Dawson proceeding with conversation.

Travel authorization follows. Repeated to Bogotá.

  1. Not printed.
  2. John C. Wiley, Ambassador in Colombia.
  3. Francisco Umaña Bernal.