The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)

us urgent

294. Uruguayan Emb here states that it needs 20,000 tons of wheat for delivery next Oct and Nov. Uruguay offers to make immediate commitment for purchase or alternatively to agree to return same quantity wheat in Jan after harvesting.

Uruguayans stated that while Argentina apparently wishes to comply with its promises thus far Argentine wheat has arrived slowly and in small quantities. Mora63 expressed fear that Perón might at critical moment in elections stop shipments entirely for purpose influencing outcome elections and further that Argentina’s strong bargaining position threatens Uruguay’s freedom of action.

We asked for detailed info re present supply situation in Uruguay and re Uruguay-Argentine contract and deliveries thereunder past and expected. This and other information necessary for appraisal of need would be helpful in negotiations with interested agencies. Mora stated he would cable request for info and suggested separate inquiry be made of FonOff through you.

Pls cable report and your recommendation including report on current status of Uruguayan measures to conserve supply.

  1. José A. Mora, Uruguayan Chargé in Washington.