The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)

us urgent

167. Pls inform FonMin that a definite allocation of one cargo amounting to approximately 8,000 tons of wheat for shipment from US in May has been approved by appropriate authorities and that allocations of additional cargoes for later shipment are under active consideration. It is expected that the Govt of Uruguay or its agents will make necessary commercial arrangements for purchase and shipment thru ordinary commercial channels of wheat in question. We are transmitting note to this effect to Uruguayan Emb here.

Pls explain confidentially to FonMin that Dept is confident subsequent allocations can be obtained for shipment from US in June, July, Aug and Sept of balance 50,000 tons requested if need continues. However in view of terrific demand on US supplies to alleviate immediate starvation in famine areas no official public announcement or commitment can be made at this time for more than the May shipment referred to.

We have no objection to immediate public announcement by FonMin of allocated cargo for shipment in May and believe he would be justified in assuming air of confidence that additional shipments will be forthcoming.

Uruguayan Emb here has been informed of foregoing.