The Ambassador in Uruguay (McGurk) to the Secretary of State


584. Merchant from Mitchell. As result of second meeting held today with special commission it appears certain that agreement in standard form plus minor changes already approved by Department can be reached with Uruguay, provided annex contains new paragraph reading:

“That, so long as traffic requirements justify such service and the airport facilities provided at Montevideo are adequate for the technical and operational requirements of United States airlines, the number of landings scheduled by US airlines at the airport serving Montevideo shall be at least as great as that scheduled at such airport by US airlines at the time this agreement comes into effect.”46

Uruguayan position is (1) they enjoy entirely satisfactory air service without agreement and are requesting no routes for Uruguayan carriers; (2) they are under pressure from their own airlines to curtail Fifth Freedom privileges by reserving Buenos Aires-Montevideo traffic; and (3) they must defend agreement against their own airlines and opposition forces in Congress which must ratify it. Despite these factors (reDeptel 436, December 3) Uruguay believes insertion above paragraph will make ratification possible and they are prepared to give immediate effect to agreement pending ratification. It is possible above paragraph could be contained in exchange of notes but since latter must be public we strongly recommend it be included in annex, where it will be useful in ratification process. Moreover it does not represent departure from established principle. British position (London’s telegram 9929 to Department47) strengthens this conviction. Urge approval conclusion on this basis. Expedite full powers. [Mitchell.]

  1. In telegram 439, December 6, 1946, 7 p.m., the Department indicated acceptance of this paragraph (711.3327/12–546).
  2. Not printed.