The Uruguayan Embassy to the Department of State


With reference to the acquisition of war materials and munitions in the United States of America and the use on the part of the Government of Uruguay of the sums delivered to the Government of the [Page 1273] United States in excess of the materials received on the basis of lend-lease, the Uruguayan Government would wish:

That both parties fix the amount of the balance actually existing in the United States in favor of Uruguay;
To this balance there would be added the balance of the quotas to be paid by Uruguay up to the point of covering the $7,800,000 that the Uruguayan Law 10091 of December 13, 1941 authorizes;
Once this total amount is fixed, Uruguay would prepare the lists of materials which it is interested in acquiring;
In so far as possible, once said lists have been studied, the Government of the United States would make offers as regards the technical specifications of the materials as well as the prices and other conditions of sale; and,
The bases already mentioned having been agreed upon, the Uruguayan Government would wish to sign an instrument with the Government of the United States summarizing the materials which would be transferred to Uruguay and the financial stipulations relative to such transfer.