Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs (Mann)

Participants: Ambassador Dawson
Mr. Brown—RPA
Mr. Gilmore—RPA
Mr. Mann—RPA

The following are specific Uruguayan problems which RPA has discussed with Ambassador Dawson and the conclusions reached in regard thereto:

1. Armaments Problem

Uruguay has been keenly interested in using the very substantial credit which it built up under the Lend-Lease Agreement to purchase armaments at a discount at least equal to the one which was specified in the Lend-Lease Agreement.

In respect of aircraft Uruguay has been allotted, under the Adjusted Interim Aircraft Program, eight B–25’s, fifteen P–47’s, four C–47’s, three C–45’s and five AT–11’s; and the Uruguayan Embassy has been so informed. It now develops that General Walsh’s6 office has revised this program by eliminating the bombers and fighters because Uruguay apparently did not request them in the staff conversations. Accordingly, the allocation now consists of four C–47’s and eight C–45’s plus AT–11’s or AT–7’s, depending upon which are in surplus and which the Uruguayans want.
The Uruguayans have recently indicated a desire to purchase, outside of the Interim Program, fifty PT–19’s or PT–27’s (primary [Page 1272] trainers), fifteen BT–13’s (basic trainers) fifteen AT–6’s (advanced fighter bomber trainers) and ten AT–11’s (advanced bomber trainers).
In view of this situation it is recommended that Uruguay be permitted to obtain the desired number of primary and basic trainers under the Interim Program if the Army can make them available; and that the AT–6’s and AT–11’s be substituted for the bombers and fighters in the original program.
There has also been allotted to Uruguay, under the Interim Program, equipment for two battalions of infantry and two field artillery batteries; and the Uruguayan Embassy here has been so informed.
The delivery of the equipment above mentioned should be expedited as much as possible. It is understood that the implied commitment, if any, on the part of the US resulting from the staff conversations will be regarded by us as discharged by delivery of the materials above mentioned.
  1. Gen. Robert L. Walsh, Army Air Force.