811.24523/10–746: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Cooper) to the Secretary of State


1051. Reourtel 1037, October 2.71 In addition five men involved in Talara incident already released Cpl. Miller and Pvt. Bethany are now out on $500 bail each, awaiting decision from Special Judge Rospigliosi. [Page 1250] Miller and Bethany previously were confined barracks room of Talara jail until I called Foreign Minister’s attention to fact last week in private conversation. He immediately sent confidential message to Judge Rospigliosi resulting in their release on bail. Attorney Porras, who will also be accompanied by special messenger from Foreign Minister, will leave for Piura tomorrow to do all possible to secure final release of five men as well as of Bethany and Miller in event Rospigliosi refuses to release Bethany and Miller. Am informed testimony does not warrant conviction of Bethany and Miller. Am working to get two men released prior to turning over Talara Air Base to Peru if possible.

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