811.24523/10–2646: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (Cooper) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

1122. Embtel 1110, October 24.42 I received from Foreign Minister this afternoon following letter:

“I have honor to refer to Your Excellency’s communication handed to me during our interview October 23, 1946 and in which you state that after reference to my note No. 6–3–224 October 19 the Govt of United States of America desires, prior to giving publicity to simultaneous communiqué announcing turning over of base of El Pato on 29 this month, that the four preliminary points which Your Excellency specifies be arranged satisfactorily and cleared up.

In agreement with Minister Aeronautics I proceed to deal with those four points which are now presented as preliminary by Your Excellency.

(1) Due arrangement for transfer of property included under category 2–G–2 of agreement of April 24, 1942.

In my note No. (L)–6–3–216 of October 15 I stated to Your Excellency proposal of Govt of Peru to acquire property of category 2–G–2 and to pay for same. In my note October 19, 1946 I reiterated said purpose of Minister Aeronautics and that of formalizing the purchase.

In view of what Your Excellency states that ‘whatever detail relating to transfer of property be arranged satisfactorily prior to announcing date of turning over base’ I contacted Minister Aeronautics who immediately made arrangements for facilitating payment of aforesaid property with result communicated to me under yesterday’s date that said Minister delivered on 24 October to Colonel George McCoy duly authorized check No. B 34563 drawn by Central Reserve Bank of Peru upon Federal Reserve Bank New York and to order of ‘the Treasurer of the United States’ for sum of US dollars 91475.26 in cancellation of price agreed upon for purchase of property included in clause 2–G–2 of agreement April 24, 1942.

In this respect Minister Aeronautics requests that Embassy take necessary step to designate commission of suitable technical personnel to proceed at once in cooperation with members of Peruvian commission for inventory and reception for the recheck of property acquired by clause 2–G–2 which recheck naturally should not be cause for delay in arrangements for turning over base on date agreed upon.

(2) Meteorological and radio communication equipment presently at base that United States Govt cannot sell.

Opinion of Peruvian Govt about disposal of this equipment was explained in point (7) of my note of 19 this month to which Your Excellency refers.

Your Excellency now states your Government is agreeable for this property to remain at El Pato base for use of American Republics training program providing this equipment continue to be operated by United States Army personnel.

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As regards this proposal I must inform Your Excellency, in accordance with above-mentioned criterion of Peruvian Govt, that the referred to equipment can only be operated under Peruvian authority from moment it takes over base on 29 this month. This indispensable condition does not exclude possibility while training program is in effect that United States technicians, in their capacity as such and not as armed force, continue operating these services but under Peruvian authority and control. Otherwise the Peruvian Govt does not have any observation to make concerning evacuation of equipment by United States.

(3) Public announcement regarding stay of small group of technicians at El Pato base.

Under heading No. 8 my note No. 6–3–224 October 19 I informed Your Excellency that the stay of a small group of technicians of United States Army for purpose of completing training program was matter independent from termination of agreement April 24, 1942 and that therefore I did not believe that it was necessary nor pertinent to make special reference in the publications concerning delivery and reception of base to training plan agreed to by Minister Aeronautics.

However, in view of requested proposal of Your Excellency’s that such reference be made on occasion of delivery of base and with desire to clear preliminary questions that may delay that delivery, Minister of Aeronautics agrees, under the two alternatives that Your Excellency suggests, to issue the day following that of delivery of base a communiqué, the text of which I am pleased to enclose, and in which it is stated that North American technicians will continue at El Pato base until completion of training program initiated in April this year.

Finally, and with respect to last part of paragraph (3) of your letter October 23, I must state that no date being anticipated for termination of training program agreed between Minister Aeronautics with Chief American Aviation Mission, it is understood that it is the Ministry Aeronautics which will determine date on which cycle of preparation of Peruvian Air Forces is completed.

(4) Formal exchange of notes in relation to transfer of base in addition to the act.

As I have informed Your Excellency Govt of Peru will be pleased to effect exchange of notes to which Your Excellency refers.43

In view of foregoing I shall appreciate it if Your Excellency will state your conformity in order to issue communiqué announcing that delivery of base will take place October 29.”

Communiqué referred to in Minister’s letter which is to be released by Minister Aeronautics on October 30 reads as follows:

  • “(1) As was announced in communiqué of Ministries Foreign Affairs and Aeronautics of October 26 the ceremony of delivery of El Pato Air Base to Govt of Peru by Govt of United States of America took place at Talara yesterday.
  • (2) At that ceremony the authorized representatives of both Governments signed the pertinent documents thus terminating agreement signed April 24, 1942.
  • (3) Commander Captain Samuel Morante Jara, appointed by supreme resolution of October 28, assumed command of base yesterday; evacuation of armed forces of United States of America which occupied base is taking place.
  • (4) A group of officers and technicians of United States Army Air Forces will remain in the capacity of instructors at the base until the termination of the training program of officers and mechanics of the Peruvian Air Corps initiated in April 1946. The status of that group of officers and technicians is that of unarmed personnel, temporarily assigned to the United States Aviation Mission for the execution of said program, which will end prior to December 31, 1946.”

Since Minister’s letter and the communiqué clear up all remaining points I shall proceed with delivery of base to Peru on October 29.

Repeated Panama for General Crittenberger.

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