893.014/1–2546: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

157. Under date January 13 General Hsu Yung-chang, Chief of the Board of Military Operations, wrote Headquarters, China Theater, in substance (Dept’s 1776 November 1 and Embassy’s 2115, December 7) as follows: [Page 1264]

“With regard to the aerial photography project requested by the US War Dept, we wish to inform you that we have received an instruction from the Generalissimo4 granting the request with the following qualifications: the project should be carried out with formal acknowledgement of Soviet authority in those areas in the northeast from which Soviet forces have not yet withdrawn; those areas in Sinkiang where rebels and bandits are still active should be temporarily excluded.”

  1. Chiang Kai-shek, President of the National Government of the Republic of China.