711.9327/11–2546: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1965. Powell to Norton. Urtel 1066 concerning proposed Sino-American air transport agreement:

Chicago form article 10 has already been deleted from the agreement and revised termination article described in Embtel 1436, September 7, included in its place.
Chinese have requested Chicago form article 3 which has been reworded for bilateral agreement to read as follows: “Operating rights which may have been granted previously by either of the contracting parties to any state not a party to this agreement or to an airline shall continue in force according to their terms”.
Revising US and China to read United States of America and Republic of China can be accomplished at final meeting.
Amending article 8 by adding “or its successor” after PICAO can also be accomplished at final meeting.
Article 12 of Bermuda agreement was included as a separate article in Chinese agreement which is now numbered 10.
Paragraph B of article 12 uses the term “aeronautical authorities”; transmission to you must have been garbled in this respect.
Provision “and any person or body authorized to perform functions presently exercised, etc.” also applies to Minister of Communications as well as CAB. Transmission to you must have been further garbled in this respect.
Final method of handling publication of letters has not been settled with Chinese authorities since there have been no further meetings with them since our last radio. This question will be definitely settled at our final meeting. [Powell.]