800.796/7–2546: Circular Telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Officers 1

Please address following note to Minister for Foreign Affairs country to which you are accredited:

“I have the honor to refer to the International Air Transport Agreement2 formulated at the International Civil Aviation Conference at Chicago on December 7, 1944, which was accepted by the Government of the United States of America with a reservation on February 8, 1945.

“I am now instructed to inform the Government of . . . . . . . that on July 25, 1946 the Government of the United States of America gave notice of its denunciation of that Agreement in accordance with the provisions of Article V thereof and that the Agreement will accordingly cease to be in force with respect to the United States of America on July 25, 1947.”3

  1. Sent to the Diplomatic Officers at 53 different posts.
  2. Department of State Executive Agreement Series (E.A.S.) No. 488, or 59 Stat. (pt. 2) 1701.
  3. For press release of July 25 regarding U. S. withdrawal from Air Transport Agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, August 4, 1946, p. 236.