Nanking Embassy Files, Lot F79—610 Sino-Soviet (Sinkiang): Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai ( Davis ) to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1175. For Butterworth from Bayne. Following report made personally to Wong Wen-hao by Executive Yuan representative who returned from Sinkiang last week. (Sent Embassy as Shanghai 1175, Oct. 23, 1 pm, rpt Washington for Penfield 2066, remytel 1136, Oct. 14 to Washington as 1993.)

Soviet economic requests are for joint exploitation rights in petroleum, tungsten, gold and other raw materials not specifically named.
While Soviet Consul General states that actual number of Soviet citizens registered is only 2000, Executive Yuan representative believes approximately 25% of non-Chinese population have accepted Soviet citizenship. Among those believed to be Soviet citizens by Chinese authorities in Sinkiang are several members of Provincial Council including the Vice Chairman who are non-Chinese.
Reported as local rumor is fact that provincial council members who are non-Chinese have returned allegedly from political training schools in Moscow and that as Soviet citizens these members may propose dismemberment of Sinkiang Province into four republics which would each have borders adjoining Soviet territory. [Bayne.]