893.00/6–1346: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China ( Smyth ) to the Secretary of State

965. Following Ward’s 87 through 94, June 7, 1946.

Signing of agreement (which is properly known as supplement 2 to agreement of January 2, supplement 1, outlining the structure of the provincial govt, having been signed at same time as original agreement) by Gen. Chang Chih-chung for the Central Govt and three delegates for Ining regime, was completed last night at 7:30.

[Page 1208]

Supplement II contains six articles: Article I: Rebel troops in Ining, Tacheng and Ashan administrative districts to be reorganized into 6 regiments, 3 cavalry and 3 infantry, totaling 11 to 12,000 men, 3 regiments of which are to be National Govt troops and 3 regiments provincial Peace Preservation Corps.

Article II: Muslim nominated by Ining to command all 6 regiments, being responsible to Sinkiang garrison commander for 3 national regiments and to Sinkiang peace preservation commander for 3 regiments PPC;12 same Muslim to be Vice-Commander of all Sinkiang PPC.

Article III: Six regiments to remain in three administrative districts of Ining, Tacheng and Ashan and to have sole responsibility for maintenance of peace in those districts. Central Govt frontier defense troops to undertake defense of national frontiers, following method and distribution of troops identical to that prevailing prior to revolt.

Article IV: Aqsu and Kashgar units of Peace Preservation Corps to be reorganized, using native recruits and in consultation with Muslim commander.

Article V: Supply, equipment and treatment of 6 regiments to be on par with top national army and PPC respectively.

Article VI: Reorganization of rebels troops into 6 regiments to be responsibility of Muslim commander; garrison points of these troops in 3 administrative districts to be reported to and approved by provincial authorities. This agreement will take effect upon Gmo’s13 approval; personnel appointments in reorganized provincial govt will be submitted to, and passed upon, by Executive Yuan meeting June 18.

It is in my opinion urgently important that the Central Govt should clearly understand the vital importance of giving Gen Chang Chih-chung the fullest and most unstinted support in these and in any other dispositions which he may recommend. [Ward.]

Sent Dept 965. Dept please repeat Moscow.

  1. Peace Preservation Corps.
  2. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek.