123 Benninghoff, H. Merrell: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Smith )

593. Josselyn is addressing following letter to Soviet Consul General, Shanghai on March 30. Please take such action Moscow as you consider desirable and appropriate:

“With reference to the recent journey to Dairen of Consul General Leo D. Sturgeon, I have been instructed by my government to inform [Page 1159] you that Mr. H. Merrell Benninghoff has been assigned to Dairen. He will be accompanied by Mr. Ashley Guy Hope and Mr. John P. Coffey. They will be joined at a later date by a fourth appointee.

Mr. Benninghoff and party will travel to Dairen aboard the SS Chech Knot, the same vessel which went to Dairen previously. The ship is now scheduled to leave Shanghai on March 31, 1946 and after a stop at Tsingtao it will proceed to Dairen arriving there on or about April 7. The master of the ship will get in touch by radio with the port authorities of Dairen regarding entry and pilotage, in accordance with arrangements made By Mr. Sturgeon. After a short stay in Dairen, the vessel will proceed to Taku Bar on its normal freight run to North China ports.

In addition to their personal baggage, Mr. Benninghoff and party will have with them, for their personal and official use, the following:

Three motor cars, with 11 drums of gasoline and a small amount of oil and grease;
A supply of food stuffs and groceries;
A small amount of medical and other equipment.

One of the motor cars, as well as some personal baggage and other supplies not included above, is destined for American consular officers elsewhere in Manchuria for shipment when transportation facilities are available.

It is requested that the above information be conveyed to the appropriate authorities of your government. It should be emphasized that the schedule of the ship is subject to alteration on account of uncertainties of the weather and of handling cargo.”