123 Clubb, Oliver Edmund: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1788. Efforts have been continuous to obtain favorable action from Communist authorities Manchuria with regard to safe despatch of personnel to Harbin. As recently as October 30, representative of Communist delegation Nanking informed Embassy that General Chou En-lai was sending another message to Manchuria concerning clearance of flight to Harbin. (Deptel 925, October 27 [24].)

On September 11 in a memorandum to Embassy45 General Marshall stated that he had no objection to Clubb and staff proceeding Harbin without Communist clearance “so long as American lives are not placed in jeopardy”. In view of fact that General Timberman has subsequently reported to General Marshall that it is his considered opinion a flight into Harbin without prior Communist consent would result in hostile Communist action against the aircraft (as pointed out in Embtel 1679, October 17), Embassy cannot assume responsibility for ordering Clubb to proceed in absence of specific instructions from Dept., but it will continue to press for favorable action by Communists.

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