Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by the Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Butterworth) to General Marshall

After receiving your memorandum OSE 389 of August 21, 1946,36 I instructed Clubb at Mukden to make preparations to proceed to Harbin to re-establish the Consulate General there. I am enclosing a copy of my instruction to him and a copy of his comments as requested.37 You will note that he does not consider that it would be advisable to notify General Chou En-lai in advance, and in this I concur. Therefore, if you perceive no objection, I propose to radio Clubb to proceed to Harbin at the first available opportunity.

It appears from Clubb’s message that he has already made his own arrangements for transportation, but in order to avoid any possible hitch I would appreciate your informing Executive Headquarters branch in Manchuria that transportation for Clubb, his staff and equipment has your approval. In the meantime, an American USIS radio technician is en route from Shanghai to Mukden to accompany Clubb for the purpose of setting up a radio station.

W. Walton Butterworth
  1. See footnote 35, above.
  2. Neither printed.