123 Chase, Augustus: Telegram

The Consul General at Mukden ( Clubb ) to the Secretary of State

26. Following from Chase:

“Believe very desirable that I with Rigg20 and Chen21 fly Harbin before Soviet evacuation scheduled 25th:

Interruption rail service Harbin likely prolonged.
If Soviet withdrawal followed by Communist control or disturbances, entry city after withdrawal likely difficult. Also Chinese National Government might dislike our entering country controlled [by] army but unlikely urge departure if already there.
Number important Soviet officials now stranded Mukden anxious proceed Harbin. Rigg with my approval and with no commitments sounded their attitude toward flying Harbin [by] American plane with us. They indicated would much appreciate opportunity; expressed opinion that Soviet authorities would permit plane land Harbin if unannounced but advised prior notification. Rigg has flown Changchun to make tentative arrangements subject our obtaining plane. Anxious our availing this opportunity service Soviets as would facilitate entry Harbin now, which otherwise probably delayed. We could, of course make passage available Chinese officials also.
Our arrival Harbin prior Soviet evacuation would permit quiet observation turnover and facilitate any American properties vacated by Soviets before Chinese custody.

Accordingly submit my and Rigg’s strong recommendation we be authorized proceed Harbin and request therefor that Embassy urgently arrange have large Army or Marine plane provided us Mukden by 22nd latest.

Please repeat Chungking.22

Clubb concurs this recommendation.[”]

  1. Maj. Robert R. Rigg, Assistant Military Attaché in China.
  2. Chen Huang-jiang, clerk of the Consulate at Mukden.
  3. Repeated to the Embassy in Department’s telegram No. 670, April 18, 6 p.m.