740.00119 PW/2–2646

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Deputy Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Penfield)

Mr. Everson31 called today and inquired regarding developments on the Manchurian situation. I explained that on February 9 we had addressed inquiries to the USSR and China through our Embassies at Moscow and Chungking regarding their intentions in connection with Japanese external assets in Manchuria and that a copy of our communication had been sent to London32 for the information of the Foreign Office.

I said that no reply had been received from the Soviets but that we had received a reply from the Chinese, and I gave him the gist of Chungking’s 368, February 26.

Mr. Everson asked whether he could have a copy of the Chinese reply for the information of his Government. I replied that I was not authorized to give him a copy but would inquire and inform him later if there were no objections.

  1. Second Secretary of the British Embassy.
  2. No. 334, February 13, not printed.