893.24/12–1646: Telegram

Major General Donald H. Cormolly to Mr. John B. Stetson, Jr. 42

87724. Development in controversy re Bosey’s position of China’s equity on surplus sold by FLC subsequent to June 21, it is desired that you personally undertake settlement of this issue, this end and to give you the assistance of a member of this staff thoroughly familiar with McCabe’s negotiations at Shanghai leading up to August 30 contract, this office has decided to send out Charles B. Kendall who was legal counsel to McCabe in Shanghai. Kendall will depart for Manila December 27. It is desired that you proceed with him to Shanghai as early after his arrival as possible to undertake composition this difficulty. You will have complete authority to settle. Meanwhile, instruct Shanghai office to hold entire matter in advance [abeyance] refraining from further discussion pending your arrival and reopening case.

  1. Central Field Commissioner, Pacific and China, OFLC, Manila.