893.24/10–2846: Telegram

Mr. Donald B. Davis to Major General Donald H. Connolly and Mr. William E. Vogelback

295. Reur 1918 to Shanghai repeated 541 to Manila. After returning from conference held at Manila and Guam, Johnson and I [Page 1095] conferred with General Marshall, Butterworth36 and Adler37 at Nanking. They [were] fully informed [of] our previous discussions. All concurred that my next step be to notify “Bosey” of the FLC attitude and position regarding their recent actions. Communication to Kiang being dispatched today. Full text38 of same being dispatched via State Dept Diplomatic Pouch to you. All interested parties concurred in communication. Will advise Kiang’s reaction.

  1. W. Walton Butterworth, Jr., Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China.
  2. Solomon Adler, Treasury representative in China.
  3. Infra.