893.24/10–1546: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Shanghai (Davis)

1848. From Connolly, FLC. Reference your radios on Kiang’s embargo [on] surplus sold others between 20 June and 30 August. This office discussed matter on telecon with Vogelback Manila who concurs our view that 30 August agreement supersedes all previous tentative proposals and is controlling document. Vogelback will call Donald Davis34 to Manila and explain OFLC position this matter or will radio complete details to Donald Davis.35 He has agreed that Donald Davis will then present position directly to Kiang. Have requested prompt action. [Connolly.]

  1. Field Commissioner, China and Eastern Areas, OFLC.
  2. In undated telegram No. 5465 to Mr. Davis (received in the OFLC Shanghai Office on October 24), Mr. Vogelback stated that “the position of FLC is that the August 30th agreement is the controlling one document and supersedes all previous tentative proposals or tentative agreements including the Nanking understanding. No interview [other view] is tenable.”