The President of the Chinese Executive Yuan (Soong) to General Marshall, at Chungking

Dear General Marshall: This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of February 16, 1946.

I am very happy that the Calcutta stockpile disposal has been settled to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

As regards railroads, just as I have appointed the China Merchants Steamship Navigation Company to deal with General Johnson and UNRRA in all matters pertaining to shipping, I have made Mr. Peng Hsueh-pei, my representative in Shanghai, responsible to deal with all parties in matters regarding railroad equipment. I have also asked the Ministry of Communications to assign railroad technicians to work under Mr. Peng. He is known to General Johnson, and I feel certain that he will be able to clear all problems in an efficient and responsible manner.

As to your suggestion for naming specific urgent needs which might be procured through FLC, I am listing them herewith:

Telephone & telegraph equipment
Construction material, prefabricated housing, Niesen Huts, etc., for the critical housing shortage in Nanking.
Cement for railroads
Cotton cloth for civilian use
Textiles for army uniforms

I am most grateful to you for the results which have obtained in the shipping problem. It is most heartening to know that your great prestige is behind us in meeting our elemental needs.

Sincerely yours,

T. V. Soong