893.24/2–1346: Telegram

Brigadier General Bernhard A. Johnson to Mr. Thomas B. McCabe 70

23072. Doctor Soong on behalf of the Chinese Government has today purchased the entire Calcutta stock pile on our terms which include the offset principle. The deal involves an amount slightly in excess of $25,000,000. It is hoped that this meeting of minds sets the pattern for future sales of surplus property to China. The agreement was reached in a conference between General Marshall and Doctor Soong on February 12. We are today requesting WSA71 and India Theater to cooperate with us in setting up shipping for the 36,000 tons involved to Shanghai ports. Please rush priced SPB forms to us. For your publicity purposes this Calcutta stockpile includes 5,700 new 3-ton Dodge trucks with 3 years [supply of] spare parts and tires and about $5,000,000 in textiles, the above items badly needed in China. With the offset principle the deal amounts to a cash transaction.

  1. Foreign Liquidation Commissioner and Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.
  2. War Shipping Administration.