Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

The Assistant Secretary of War ( Petersen ) to The Under Secretary of War ( Royall )

2804. Meet T. V. Soong for initial meeting with Chinese on Friday. Delays due to absence of General Marshall in Ruling and difficulty of getting date with Dr. Soong.

Mr. McCabe and I met with General Marshall and Ambassador Stuart in Nanking yesterday and received full approval of our program. Propose to offer Chinese all uncommitted civilian type surplus plus scrap in Ryukyus, Marianas and other islands exclusive of Japan, Philippines and part of Iwo Jima. This will include Fin-schaffen (AIE) and what UNRRA does not take from Manus (Navy). Japan surplus is to be used in Japan and part of Iwo Jima to be used for military government requirements in Korea. Residue in Philippines to go to Philippine Government. This to be on bulk sale, no check out, lump sum basis with adequate permission to assure China can accomplish her end of sale. Advise my office.