893.51/1–2646: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China ( Smyth ) to the Secretary of State

165. From General Marshall. Modification of 2(a) of my 2241 of December 2948 in NAC resolution of January 15, substantially acceptable to me. (Reurtel 117 of January 18.) Should the Chinese response to the draft treaty show any wide divergences between their approach and ours the extension of credit might then be made dependent on conclusion of a satisfactory treaty. We will be better able to determine the appropriate kind of action after the Chinese have presented their response to the draft treaty and negotiations commence with the arrival of Wilson.49

2. I concur with the consensus of view in Washington that it is inappropriate to make a set aside for later Eximbank credit for China at present. [Marshall.]

  1. Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. vii, p. 1198.
  2. Robert R. Wilson, of the Division of Commercial Policy, sent to China to serve as one of the negotiators of the commercial treaty.