Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to the Commander of the Seventh Fleet (Cooke)57

1438. Reference your 31043458 and my 143459 regarding Rockey’s arrangements for relief of Marine outlying detachments: because of Rockey’s commitment to delay of initial relief until September 23 I took up matter with Generalissimo and stated that such delay was not acceptable to me. He stated he would send instructions to expedite the arrangements. Please see that Rockey takes similar action despite his previous commitment to September 23 date.

  1. Copy sent to the Naval Attaché (Kenny) for transmission to Admiral Cooke in memorandum OSE 416, September 3, by Colonel Caughey for General Marshall.
  2. Letter of September 1, not printed.
  3. Telegram of September 2, not printed.