Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson 40 to General Marshall

5991. Amplifying our 5943,41 seven Marines were turned over to our Special Peace Team under Colonel Morris Martin as Chairman. [Page 871] Location and release of Marines resulted directly from efforts our Team. When first conference with local Communist officials lasting 3 hours failed to effect release Communist Commissioner General Yeh in response to my appeal immediately wired to General Hsiao Ke, Headquarters Jehol Military District at Chengte, to have local Commanders sub-Military District Eastern Hopei release to Special Team immediately. Yeh’s attitude was sympathetic and most co-operative.

  1. American Commissioner at Executive Headquarters at Peiping.
  2. Telegram of July 25; it stated: “Commanding General 1st Marine Division reported 24 July that seven captured marine[s in] custody at Niching 24 July and are now with 7th Marine [Regiment] at Peita-ho.”