Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Marshall to General Chou En-lai 21

Dear General Chou: A plan is being developed for the relief of U. S. Marines in China by troops of the National Army. For your information, the two National army elements, 5th Army and 26th Army, are under consideration for the purpose.

The approximate combined strength of these units is 67,000 men. They are located generally in Changsha, Yueh Yang, Wuchang, and Kaiyuan.

The movement will be made by water from Shanghai and Kowloon. It is estimated that the move can be initiated in approximately one month and consummated about 1 July 1946.

Does such movement meet with your approval, or do you deem it essential that the Committee of Three22 convene to discuss it? I am desirous of expediting the initiation of the withdrawal of U. S. Marines and therefore I would appreciate an early indication of your desires.

  1. Head of the Chinese Communist Party delegation at Chungking.
  2. Consisting of representatives of the Chinese Government, the Chinese Communist Party, and the United States.