The Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Commanding General, U. S. Forces, China Theater and Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet 14

84336. You are authorized to distribute the tasks in the China area as recommended in paragraphs 1 to 6 inclusive of 27412 of 3 April. Assume provisions of paragraph 4 E apply to all U. S. forces, China. It is noted that there is no mention of arrangements for operation of Chinese manned War Shipping Administration ships presently under Army control. This matter should be resolved and included in your plans. Phased withdrawal Marines will be initiated as soon as practicable in accordance instructions to be issued shortly by Chief of Naval Operations and will be continued as rapidly as General Marshall may consider situation China permits. Future changes which may be desirable may be arranged in the area by recommendation of commanders concerned and put into effect after confirmation by War and Navy Departments.

The directive contained in 88636, 14 December 194515 remains in effect except as modified by 8210016 and the provisions of this message.17

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