Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Colonel Marshall S. Carter

1489. According to information available here, one of the three programs authorized under the Lend Lease 3 (c) clause is the continuation of the training and equipment program. Training equipment for 10 Communist Divisions is a part of that program and the equipment, about 300 tons, is already in Peiping. However, turnover under the 3 (c) clause is supposed to be effected by 31st October 1946. The Generalissimo, see CFBX 28398 dated 13 April,63 refused to accept the Communist equipment under Lend Lease until reorganization and integration of these forces began, which cannot take place before 31 October. Other indications would also suggest delays past 31st October.

Please notify appropriate War Department agencies of this situation and request they endeavor to devise some legal means of turnover of this equipment sometime after 31st October 1946.

  1. Not printed.