811.79693/9–746: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Davis) to the Secretary of State

1672. W. L. Bond, American director of China National Aviation Corporation, states that CNAC planes with American crews have been making flights at request of Chinese Government to supply to besieged Nationalist troops, chiefly from Hsuchow to Tsinan area. Recently a CNAC plane was fired upon presumably by Communists and was struck at least four times. Since American personnel might easily become casualties, the American officials of CNAC have raised question of possible embarrassment from use of American personnel in such operations. In circumstances matter is brought to Embassy’s attention for such action as may be deemed necessary. If request not to utilize American personnel in these semi-military flights should [Page 758] be made, Bond will cooperate fully as he regards these activities as apt to involve them and their American personnel in serious difficulties.

Sent Nanking as 958, repeated Department.