The Secretary of War (Patterson) to the Secretary of State 32

OPD 350.2 (29 May 46)
In a letter of 20 May,33 subject “Training for Chinese Medical Students”, the War Department submitted a recommendation that 132 selected Chinese officers be provided with a course of training in U. S. Army medical installations. Information has now been received from the Commanding General, U. S. Army Forces, China, presenting a program designed to complete the training of a larger group of Chinese officers required for the nucleus of a reorganized Chinese Army. This program calls for training 325 additional Chinese officers, making an overall total of 457 for whom it is desired to provide training in the U. S. It is considered that this training is an essential requirement to the development of the Chinese Army, and is in accordance with the President’s policy toward China. It has the approval of General Marshall’s office.
Incident to the establishment of such a training program in the U. S., the U. S. Army must provide services such as transportation, [Page 747] hospitalization, messing and quarters for the individual trainees over a period of some two and one-half years after 30 June 1946. In addition, specialized training in the various branches of the Army (such as infantry, quartermaster, and artillery) must be provided.
It is estimated that the overall cost of the training program for the 457 officers will amount to 1,250,000 dollars. It was originally recommended in War Department letter of 20 May, that cost of training for the Chinese medical students be met by the establishment of a system similar to that set up in War Department Circular 134 of 8 May 1946. However, subsequent investigation has indicated that it would be more advisable to have costs of the training programs met by advance cash payment from the Chinese.
It is recommended that the State Department initiate action to authorize training as indicated above for a total of not more than 457 selected Chinese officers and that a letter of authority be provided to the War Department to undertake this training after 30 June 1946.
Any agreement with the Chinese Government relative to the training indicated above should make clear that trainees will be accepted only to the capacity of the various schools as determined by the War Department, and that the estimated cost of training does not include personal expenses incident to lodging and meals.
For the Secretary of War:
R. L. Vittrup

Colonel, GSC

[On June 12, 1946, the Secretary of State transmitted to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives a draft bill to provide military advice and assistance to the Republic of China. For text of accompanying letter, see 79th Congress, 2d Session, House of Representatives Report No. 2361, accompanying H. R. 6795. The report also included a personal statement from General Marshall endorsing the bill and extracts from statements in support of the bill by Robert P. Patterson, Secretary of War, and Dean Acheson, Acting Secretary of State.]

  1. For attention of the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent).
  2. Not found in Department files.