Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and Dr. Stuart at No. 5 Ning Hai Road, Nanking, November 29, 1946, 6 p.m.

Also present: Col. Caughey

Dr. Stuart told General Marshall that Mr. Wang Ping-nan had departed for Shanghai to attend memorial services for a friend of General Chou En-lai’s. Dr. Stuart continued by stating that Mr. Tung Pi-wu had visited him at 3 o’clock this afternoon at the Embassy and that Tung Pi-wu professed ignorance of any promise General Chou had made that he would determine in Yenan what the CCP reaction was to “American mediation”. Dr. Stuart said that Mr. Tung Pi-wu continued with acrimonious comments with regard to the good intentions on the part of the Government and concluded by saying that he frankly did not trust American mediation. To substantiate his feeling, Tung Pi-wu had brought up the surplus property transaction.79 Dr. Stuart stated that he had attempted to encourage Tung Pi-wu to accept some sort of a program that would assist in reopening mediation efforts such as the meeting of the Committee of Three. Tung Pi-wu replied that Yenan would probably not accept that since the Government obviously does not want peace.

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General Marshall asked Dr. Stuart if Mr. Tung Pi-wu is going to inquire of General Chou whether or not American mediation was still acceptable. Dr. Stuart replied that Mr. Tung Pi-wu had agreed to send a message to Yenan and should have an answer in two or three days.

General Marshall told Dr. Stuart that he thought it best to wait until Monday and if no reply had been received by that time then he would send a message which would indicate that since no reply had yet been received it was his assumption that Yenan’s reply was in the negative and that he would act accordingly.

Dr. Stuart concluded the meeting by stating that he had an appointment this evening with the Generalissimo upon which he would report to General Marshall.

  1. Signed at Shanghai, August 30, 1946; see pp. 1033 ff.