Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Colonel J. Hart Caughey to General Marshall

Telephone Call After Movie Last Night

Dr. Stuart called to say:

Wang Ping Nan54 called on him this (yesterday 22 Nov) morning and discussed two matters:
CCP55 concern over impending attack on Yenan, to which Dr. Stuart said the matter rested mainly in CCP hands since it could be stopped if CCP indicated willingness to continue negotiations.56
CCP hope that you and Dr. Stuart do not give up hope, to which Dr. Stuart stated the matter was again in CCP hands since favorable attitude on part of Communists could assist in causing retention of American mediation effort. (Dr. Stuart said Wang appeared relieved)
He had just returned (last night) from talk with the Generalissimo. Dr. Stuart gave him the Tribune Editorial. They discussed the general situation. Gimo wanted to know your attitude and asked what the next move should be. Dr. Stuart said he told the Gimo he thought that after you and he had returned from your trips that some definite indication might have been received from Yenan upon which additional mediation effort might be based.

J. H[art] C[aughey]
  1. Member of Chinese Communist Party delegation at Nanking.
  2. Chinese Communist Party.
  3. Marginal notation by General Marshall: “Our attitude should not be one of accepting Yenan attack as a justified threat to force CCP to accede to demands.”