Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Chou En-lai to General Marshall

Dear General Marshall: In connection with our conversation today, I have just checked up that there are the following Communist personnel in Nanking, Shanghai and Chungking, who, in case of emergency, will require your assistance for air-lift to Yenan or any other destination to be arranged later on:—

Location No. of Personnel * Remarks
Nanking 50 Communist Office
Shanghai 10 Communist Office
7 Relief Office of the Liberated Areas
Chungking about 100 Communist Office and Press

As regarding the Communist personnel attached to the Executive Headquarters in Peiping and Changchun, I am instructing General Yeh to notify General Gillem directly.

[Signature in Chinese]
Chou En-lai
  1. Note: Some babies exclusive. [Footnote in the original.]