Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Colonel Marshall S. Carter 34 to General Marshall

85705. Personal. Reur 1765. The President this morning directed dispatch of the following message to you:

“I have just seen your 1765 and approve your agreements with General Chou.

[Page 549]

We want you to know that the circumstances that so far the Chinese have fallen short of acting upon your wise counsels in no way detracts from the high estimate we place upon the quality and utility of what you have done. You have forcefully put before the Chinese a standard of political wisdom and public duty which we feel has profoundly affected their thinking and must in time affect and direct their conduct. Much of an adverse character which might have happened during the past year has not happened thanks to your labours. Constructive results and benefits have come and will come from your mission.

You have my constant gratitude and confidence. Signed Harry Truman.”

The President leaves this morning for a week at Key West but stated that I could reach him by telephone or the daily courier plane if you desired his urgent action on any matter.

  1. General Marshall’s representative in Washington.